Twin Gear Juicer for Serious Juicing

There are different bar juicer variety in the market today but you must choose a juicer that will work well in any situation and that it’s durable and will last for a long period of time.

The twin gear juicer is one such type and it’s famous because of the triturating juicing action that other types of juicers don’t have thus it’s one of the best juicers around.

Twin Gear Juicer for Serious Juicing

Twin Gear Juicer for Serious Juicing

Triturating action means that it scrubs, rubs, crushes, grinds and pounds the fruit or vegetable you want to juice. This makes the extraction of juice very effective. It tears up the cell membranes from the juice so the enzymes would be released so the juice you’d get is actually healthier.

The speed of juicing is slow and that prevents it from damaging the enzymes and causing oxidation. Though it’s time consuming but it’s worth it because you’d actually be getting a healthier juice in the end.

The juice it produces is fresh and of greater quality as compared from those extracted by other juices. You may not see the difference because the difference is seen on the cellular level.

This type of juicer is quite expensive but it’s definitely worth your money. It’s one of the most expensive juicers out there but many still buy it because of the health benefits people get from using it. It’s also made with great quality so you know it can last for many years.

You can also learn more about this type of juicer and other masticating juicers through reading masticating juicer reviews.

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