The Various Different Fabrics Used to Make Curtains

Many crafty people often choose the route of making curtains from scratch instead of buying them. Often times this option can be cheaper and it is also a way of making customized curtains that no one else has. Making your own curtains is a task that will be quite complex and will take some time unless you already have lots of experience with making them, however, when making them correctly and taking your time to do so, you will come out with a lovely pair of curtains.

This is only something that a person should do if they have the time to dedicate to doing so; otherwise it might be best to purchase your curtains.

The Various Different Fabrics Used to Make Curtains

The Various Different Fabrics Used to Make Curtains

In the case that you know for certain that you plan to design your own curtains, there are 5 different types of materials that are commonly used for the purpose of making curtains.


Silk is one of the main five materials that are used for the purpose of making curtains. It is also known to be one of the most luxurious materials used. Silk is a material that anyone can be quite creative with when designing curtains. Many different types of beautiful patterns can be sewn or woven into your curtains. If you want curtains that are dressy or more formal then you might want to opt for silk material to make your curtains.


Cotton is a material that is probably the cheapest out of the other materials. Using this material you will be able to make a pair of versatile, casual set of curtains that can fit in any room in your home.


Linen is another popular material used for the purpose of making curtains. It has recently grown even more popular the past few years. You can create heavy or light curtains with Linen material.


Wool is a heavy material that is often used to make curtains for cold weather; because they will insulate the home and keep it warmer. Wool also absorbs moisture.


Synthetics would include nylon and polyester; these materials are versatile and easy to clean. Most synthetic materials are used in bathroom decor for their durability and because they are easy to care for. If you look, you’ll see most shower curtains are made of synthetic materials.

All of the above mentioned materials can be found at many online curtain stores such as You can check out this website and others across the web to choose from a selection of curtains or curtain materials to make your own curtains.

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