Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Atmosphere

The bedroom. The place where the “magic” happens. The place you go at the end of the day to wind down in comfort and peace. The bedroom is your own private hideaway from the world of hectic day to day life, and as such, it should be representative of the calm you seek in your life. Many people use their bedrooms as the place where the unfolded laundry is thrown until a time is found to fold it.

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Atmosphere

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Atmosphere

For many, the bedroom dresser is the place where important papers go to live until they are filed away. Under the bed is where stray socks go and hibernate until someone finally decides to get on their knees and find the chaos that has escaped there. For many, the bedroom is anything but a relaxing getaway, and more like a zoo of objects waiting to be uncluttered. For those who dream of a bedroom worthy of a good relaxing wind down, there are simple ways to accomplish that goal.

First off, pick up your mess! Fold the clothes, and put them away. Depending on how much laundry has gone unchecked, it may take an hour or so, but the result of an underwear and towel free floor will be worth the effort. Stick it to those socks! Corral them into a box and put them in the laundry room to wait for their mate to be discovered. Look through the papers on your dresser. They’ve likely been stacking up for so long, that half of them are no longer even needed.

Trash the ones that have passed their prime and file away any that you still may need. Put your shoes in the closet, tell your kids to come get their toys, take any stray dishes back to the kitchen. Cleaning up the bedroom is half the effort, and once it is done you are well on your way to your relaxing bedroom retreat.

Once the clutter is clear, change the sheets on your bed. If you like, buy new sheets and a new comforter. A new look for your bed may inspire to take better care of the room you sleep in. A well made bed invites you to sit and rest upon it more so than a bed with the sheets falling on the floor. A bed with the sheets falling on the floor invites you to do nothing more than dump fresh laundry upon it and walk away. Make sure you have a lighter blanket handy either at the foot of your bed or in a nearby storage area so that you can cover up and get comfy while sitting on the bed without having to mess up your made up bed.

What’s the lighting like in your bedroom? The lighting in your bedroom is important to it’s function. Overhead lights with dimmers are a preferable option for the bedroom, but if the overhead light is not on a dimmer, you should use a light bulb with higher watts. A bright bedroom will encourage you to get things done, like folding the laundry and making up the bed. Lamps are an essential element to a peaceful bedroom. Lamps allow for dimmer lighting, in the place where you need it the most. A bedside lamp will allow for you to unwind in bed, and not have to get up to turn out the light before you fall asleep.

A cute way to spruce up the lighting in your room is with new light fixtures, or perhaps a new lamp shade for your bedside light. Lamp shades are a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your room, and you can find them in so many amazingly cute colors and shapes. Hinkley Lighting has an array of lampshades that will give you an idea of what a lamp can do make the magic pop in your bedroom. Once you’ve gotten your bed made and your lighting right, your simple bedroom spruce up is well under way.

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Atmosphere

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Atmosphere

Is there a place to sit in your room besides the bed? If you have enough room, a chair or small sofa will add a nice touch to your bedroom, and will make the room more inviting. Just make sure to not use the extra seating as dumping grounds for that ever present laundry in your life.

Dust off the furniture in your bedroom, and put some flowers in a vase. Vacuum or sweep the floor, shine up the windows, open the curtains and let some sunshine in. Light a candle or two, melt some lovely smelling wax. Have a seat, open a book, or start surfing the internet. Your new bedroom is fresh and inviting and will magically make you feel refreshed and renewed.

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