Save Your Property Value by Using A Professional Tree Removal Service

One of the most effective methods to increase your property value is through the proper care of foliage. Everyone knows that dead or dying trees are an eyesore. Effective landscaping serves as the face of your property. It is the very first thing neighbours and visitors see when they drive past your house. To create the right impression, it’s crucial to ensure that your foliage is in excellent condition. An arborist from a reputable tree removal service will do that and much more.

Many people might not know what an arborist is. They’re the technicians working for a tree or foliage treatment service. According to Professional Tree Care, an arborist is one who “can determine what type of pruning is necessary to improve the health, appearance and safety of the tree.” By employing a professional tree pruning service in your area, you can effectively extend the life of any tree.

For instance, Chipps Tree Care Inc is an Edmonton, Alberta-based company that does everything from pruning to planting to removal and support systems for dead or dying trees. If you hire qualified experts who are invested in the health of your trees, you’ll be sure that no matter what, their actions will be sustainable for the future.

What can happen if a homeowner attempts to care for their trees? You could end up severely injured, especially if you’re considering physically removing a damaged tree on your property. A professional should always be contacted for this dangerous procedure, lest you hurt yourself, your home or the tree itself. If you pull out the roots improperly you could destroy the foundation of the tree’s system and hurt the overall ecosystem that relies on those roots. That’s worst-case scenario for any DIY home project.

There are several factors that must be taken under consideration for tree pruning. It’s important to think about the time of the year, whether the ground is wet or frozen and the size of the property you are working with. Every job needs to be done right the first time and professional tree services will have the right tools to effectively prune your plants without hurting them.
Furthermore, there’s a specific protocol that goes into place anytime such tasks need to be performed. Tree removal should always be your last resort. A qualified tree service will first explore all the options available to them before determining they must uproot a specific tree.

According to, “Effective tree removal requires specialized skill and exceptional attention to detail…” Hire someone who understands how your damaged tree is impacting your environment and property. Positive customer relationships are created by fully assessing a situation then proactively finding a solution. After your tree is effectively pruned, some maintenance will be required to prevent decay and subsequent death.

Each tree is evaluated. Some may need to be further trimmed. Others may need the preventive measure of crown reduction to stop a tree from becoming too top heavy. This becomes a real disadvantage during natural storms and also maintains the structure of the tree.

The removal of dead or decaying branches enables a tree or other foliage to heal properly and grow healthier. This is called dead wooding. Another procedure which extends a tree’s life is called elevation. This is the removal of lower branches, which prevent proper tree growth and create a safety hazard. For these reasons and more, the importance of hiring a professional tree removal service cannot be stressed enough. It’s a much better way forward for your foliage and your home. Consider it today by calling an arborist in your area.