Questions Frequently Asked About Pressure Washers

Before one makes an investment on pressure washers, they usually have lots of questions. Purchasing is easy but each pressure washer has different features and pressure degrees that sets them apart one from another.

It would be easier to decide what to buy if you know what these differences mean and what they apply to in different situations.

Questions Frequently Asked About Pressure Washers

Questions Frequently Asked About Pressure Washers

Here are some questions that are answered so you can finally find the best pressure washer for your needs.

Required pressure for the pressure washer – This depends on the use. For industrial use you’d need about 3,000 Psi of pressure. With this pressure, even the viscous substances are removed. If you only want to get rid of oil or grease then a pressure of 1,600 to 2,000 Psi is already enough and is already enough to get rid of dirt. But if stripping the surface is what you need then pressure of over 3,000 Psi is required.

Required flow rate – With low flow rate you’ll get higher pressure and vice versa. For a vertical surface you’d want a low flow rate and high pressure to get rid of dirt from the horizontal surface.

Cold or hot pressure washers – You can use cold washers in almost all surfaces or objects. It can get rid of dirt from surfaces that isn’t greasy or oily. Though, cold pressure washers can also get rid of oil and grease but if it’s really thick then what you’d need is a hot pressure washer. The hot water, just like in dishwashers, loosens up those sticky substances such as oil, dirt, grease and others.

Direct or belt drive – If it’s going to be used a lot then the belt drive commercial pressure washer is ideal but if not so much you can go for the less costly option which is the direct drive.

Electric, diesel or petrol fuel source – for indoor use then the electric pressure washer is what you need as it does not emit exhaust that can be dangerous indoors. If you’re going to use it outdoors or where there is great ventilation then you can go for diesel or petrol powered models.

Now you must have an idea of what type of pressure washer you’d want and what options you’d want to have. If you’re using the correct PSI then you won’t end up damaging your surface. Choose the right one and you’ll surely find it very convenient to use and very effective.

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