Nova Scotia Weather Can Be Tough On Your Basement – Make Sure It’s Waterproof

You’ve probably taken great pains as a homeowner to ensure that every other part of your home – from the electrical wiring to the windows and the floor – is safe and up-to-date in order to keep your home, your family and your possessions as safe as you need them to be. But when’s the last time you had your basement inspected or treated by a professional?

Nova Scotia Weather Can Be Tough On Your Basement - Make Sure It's Waterproof

Nova Scotia Weather Can Be Tough On Your Basement – Make Sure It’s Waterproof

Basement waterproofing adds an extra layer of protection to the interior and exterior sections of the home. The application is fit for moist, mold-ridden areas. Homeowners do not enjoy having to repair the home after investing their hard-earned money, sweat and toil to keep it looking glamorous, but if you leave your basement without proper repair and waterproofing, there’s a good chance water damage can affect the rest of your house as well.

Almost every homeowner has faced problems related to the construction of their basement at least once in their lifetime. Waterproofed basements look presentable and functional, but most importantly, they last, and work to protect your home. The secret to resolving your basement waterproofing issues is to hire a professional company like AquaTight Basements to deal with the issue. To find our more about some of the services AquaTight offers, including crack repair, visit

The first advantage to using professional waterproofing methods is that they increase your property’s resale value and create extra space. The basement is an unappreciated space in many homes, but it has a ton of potential if dealt with properly. Waterproofing is a method of remodeling the basement that gives it purpose. Few homeowners are aware of the fact that their wasted basement space accounts for an estimated 33%-50% of their home’s total square footage. Imagine if they got to use up this space efficiently. Instead of allowing bacteria, mold and seepage to thrive in these areas, it is best to waterproof the basement. It is an investment-worthy approach and should increase the property net worth.

Basements that are in poor condition need lighting. This added to an already high-energy bill will put the homeowner at a disadvantage. A sound approach to reduce energy cost and recreate a functional crawl space is to invest in basement waterproofing applications. Besides cutting the usage of bulbs and lighting appliances, having a professional secure cracks and wall crevices is a move towards creating an energy-efficient home.

Basement waterproofing uses simplified processes to save lives. The air in basements is often impure or even dangerous, since mold can grow in the warm atmospheres of unwaterproofed basements, which in turn receive poor ventilation. All the pollutants in the air linger and create a contaminated atmosphere which is unhealthy for the respiratory organs. Mold is toxic to human health. An efficient basement-waterproofing solution works superbly to correct this problem, however, by creating a watertight home that is no longer susceptible to mold or excess moisture.

No longer will you have to feel powerless against the forces of nature every single time it rains or snows in your neighbourhood; all you have to do is hire professionals and rest assured that your home is now protected against the elements.

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