Life-Saving Safety Tips for the Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw is known for its accuracy and versatility whether making beveled cross-cuts or square angle work. It is, however, also one of the most dangerous power tools in your workshop if you use it improperly. In order to incorporate this highly functional equipment into your work place you need to learn and obsessively follow all the necessary safety rules for safe operation.

Life-Saving Safety Tips for the Compound Miter Saw

Life-Saving Safety Tips for the Compound Miter Saw

Firstly, dress properly for safety. Wear good quality safety goggles or glasses to protect your eyes and ear plugs for your hearing. While operating the miter saw you will occasionally have to check the blade guard to see if it is still aligned properly as well as checking the sharpness of the blades. Always unplug the saw before performing either of these functions. The fingers you save will be your own.

While it may be hard to believe some people remove the adjustable fence, this guide does more than just assure consistent cuts. It also helps firmly guide the wood through the blade. So never try to “free-hand” the cut, it makes the chance of your wood jumping or bouncing off the blade and into you much more likely.

Keep your blades and the working area clean. Use a bucket to hold cut off bits and a vacuum or blower to keep sawdust off the working area. Also make sure sawdust is not building up in the notches on the blades. All these items can diminish the effectiveness of the cut or create an obstacle that can throw your cut off or the blade into you.

Use a little common sense in your work. No matter how eager you are to finish a project, hurrying the operation of power tools can quickly lead to mistakes, forgotten steps, or injury from bypassing safety precautions. Woodworking is supposed to be an enjoyable endeavor. Make sure to keep it safe enough to enjoy.

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