LED Lighting: The Perfect Solution for Home Lighting

LED lighting in recent years has gained popularity and is gradually replacing traditional lighting, such as fluorescent and halogen lights, to LED lighting. There are numerous reasons why this future form of lighting technology is a preferred choice: LED’s are long lasting, energy effective – saving around 90% on energy bills – and brilliant for indoor and outdoor usage, as well as being cost effective. Learn more here.

Not only is LED technology used for home lighting, LED’s can typically be found in various home applications such as, digital clocks, remote controls, television sets, household gadgets, and loads more applications.

Below are some of the reasons why LED lighting is excellent choice when switching from conventional lighting.

Energy efficiency

LED lights bulbs can reduce energy consumption by approximately 25 percent*, almost eliminating costly maintenance expenses making LED’s an ideal candidate for home, educational and commercial applications. LED bulbs also produce instant high quality light immediately when switched on, unlike the fluorescent and halogen lights.

Advantages of LED Lighting

  • LED bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent.
  • LED bulbs could potentially last for 25-30 years, dependent on use.
  • Unlike CFLs, LED light bulbs do not contain mercury
  • Lasty LED bulbs perform well in low temperatures, whereas CFLs don’t.

Cost effectiveness

Though LED light bulbs are initially costly, the long-term benefits out-way the cost. LED lights come equipped with a 5 year warranty, particularly LED Light Bulbs from Light Rabbit UK; Read more here.

LED light bulbs come in different ranges; from the most commonly used GU10 available in dimmable warm and cool white, the GU10 multicoloured bulbs available with a remote, the MR16 bulbs brilliant for downlighting caravans, boats, vans and again energy efficient, LED ceiling lights – predominantly ideal for usage in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

The options are endless to anyone new to LED lighting technology. Visit here for a vast range of LED’s and if unsure speak with the experts to help you choose the perfect home improvement lighting bulbs.

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