Is It Easy To Build A Garden Summer House?

Why let each summer go by without adding a lovely garden summerhouse to your garden to give you a wonderful summer retreat where you can pass away the hours, sipping your favourite wine and reading the latest blockbuster on your e-reader?

You will need to assess your DIY skills and decide if you can build a garden summerhouse yourself and perhaps with the help of a few friends or whether you should simply go online, click a few times and order a preassembled summerhouse direct from the manufacturer who sells them in kit form.

Is It Easy To Build A Garden Summer House

Is It Easy To Build A Garden Summer House

The location of your garden summerhouse is very important.

If your garden is substantial in size, it will be quite easy to decide where to locate your garden summerhouse. This will be a balance between choosing the area in your garden which attracts the most sun, but perhaps can be shaded during parts of the day so your garden summerhouse doesn’t become too hot.

It might be best to look for a corner summerhouse if your garden is of a more modest size, so check its location will fit in well with the rest of your garden design. Be sure to check that wherever you place your garden summerhouse that there aren’t trees with branches or plants that can overhang your summerhouse which might cause some difficulty and damage in later years.

Whether you choose to build a garden summerhouse from scratch or go online and buy a preassembled summerhouse, you will still need to install a suitable concrete, wood or metal case which will form a firm foundation for your summerhouse.

Buying a preassembled summerhouse

Once you have checked with your local authority’s planning permission rules you will be able to select a suitably sized preassembled summerhouse from your favoured summerhouse kit provider.

When the kit arrives, being delivered to your home within a few days of your order, you will be able to, with the help of at least one willing assistant, to install your garden summerhouse in a day, or two at most.

If you choose to build a garden summerhouse using your own skills, you will benefit from looking at the different choices of finishes that people have posted across the Internet when they’ve taken pictures of their own self builds.

There are a number of companies online who will sell you building plans which you can download as a PDF a few seconds after making your decision. The better versions will give you a complete breakdown of all of the wood, glass and accessories that you will require even telling you how many screws and nails you will need to purchase.

The downside to building the entire garden summerhouse yourself is having sufficient time and effort available to complete the task quickly. You probably won’t be able to complete the task across the weekend, but you will need to weatherproof your new build, perhaps by the use of a large tarpaulin, as it grows, because the roof will be one of your last tasks to complete.

Although there will be a great sense of achievement of having built a garden summerhouse yourself, selecting a preassembled summerhouse kit company will be an efficient way of having your garden summerhouse available for use much sooner and with every panel fitting properly. The choice is yours of course, depending upon the amount of time you have available.

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