If You’re Tired of your Garage Floor Paint Peeling, You Can Fix It

Though most people these days go with the more convenient method of staining the concrete floor of their garage, there are others that still want to try and paint their floor. Painting the floor is believed to show less dirt and dust, and is easier to clean than stained concrete. The paint fills the tiny holes and cracks in concrete so that dirt can’t get stuck in them.

It’s not as easy as painting the floor in a home, however. It is a much more delicate process. It is easy to mess up painting the concrete floor of your garage. When you fail to do it properly, it will definitely show. The paint will begin to peel up, curl, and crack. Eventually, all of the work you put into painting your garage will end up flaking off of the floor.

Garage Floor Paint

Garage Floor Paint

To do it properly, or fix a failed project, you will want to start with thoroughly cleaning the concrete. Peel old paint up and clean out as much dirt as you can from any cracks or holes. Putting paint over dirt will not look clean or professional. After you have cleaned the floor, you will want to go to the store and, instead of buying regular paint for your household, buy yourself some Epoxy.

Epoxy is somewhat like paint, but not only does it give a new color to your garage floor, it offers more protection to the floor of your garage. It is thicker than paint and seals holes and cracks with more efficiency. It provides your garage floor with a thick weather resistant shield that looks great and offers prime quality protection. This is good news if you are in an area that may be susceptible to floods or sleet.

Not only does it protect your floor from weather damage, it also protects against toxic mold. Epoxy is fairly resilient, and it cannot be penetrated by water or mold. If mold accumulates over the surface of the Epoxy, it can be washed off with no fuss.

You will want to look up tips to properly laying Epoxy floor, or perhaps consult a professional carpenter who has had experience with using the thick Epoxy substance on floors.

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