How A Bin Rental Can Change The Way You Feel About Moving And Storage

Whether you are moving some items to another location or simply looking to add a bit more space to your home, portable storage units provide an ideal solution for anyone looking to safely and conveniently move or store their precious items. Regardless of how many possessions you have or what your schedule for moving or renovating is like, portable storage containers provide many benefits that can make the moving or storage process easier for you and your family.

How A Bin Rental Can Change The Way You Feel About Moving And Storage

How A Bin Rental Can Change The Way You Feel About Moving And Storage

The greatest benefit that comes from portable storage is its flexibility. These units, which come from companies like CubeIt (one of Canada’s most popular portable storage providers) can be stored on your property or moved to another area by the company if needed. Storage units are also stronger and more secure than other at-home storage options like sheds. These portable and durable units are designed to withstand harsh weather so you can rest assured your items are safe inside the bin, no matter what comes at them. Snow, rain, wind and other weather issues will not be a problem, nor will potential intruders or burglars. In fact, many customers will continue to use the portable containers through multiple seasons.

A traditional bin rental requires multiple trips to the unit’s location so you can load and unload your items. Having a portable storage unit allows you to load all your items while the unit is on your property. Once you are done loading up your items, or once everything is unpacked and you no longer need the bin, all you have to do is simply call the company and have them com pick it up. In this way, these containers provide a kind of versatility that you cannot find with any other kind of method – they adapt to fit in with your timeline and your needs. The simple fact that you can use the portable units for either long-term or short-term storage makes them an attractive choice for homeowners.

But bin rental isn’t only for long-term storage. In fact, it can be used in many ways that you might have never thought possible, such as the storage of excess items for home staging, renovations and even cross-country moves! If you are trying to sell your home, you know just how important proper home staging can be. Oftentimes, home staging requires removing a bit of the clutter and excess furniture from your home to make it appear more appealing to potential buyers. A portable storage unit allows you to remove items temporarily from your home during the staging process and store them securely on your own property.

Likewise, if you are renovating your home, all those precious and important items that help make your house a home can get in the way. Storing these items temporary in a portable unit gets them at of the way while still keeping them safe, sound and close by on your property. Portable storage containers are also ideal for those moving cross-country. A company like CubeIt will be able to help you move either to a new city or across the city you already live in; to learn more about, for example, moving your belongings to or within Edmonton, visit This process is typically less stressful than the traditional packing and moving process.

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