Growing In A Greenhouse With A Budget

It makes common sense to reduce your supermarket bills by growing your own fruit and vegetables wherever you can and perhaps turning part of your garden into farmland is a good idea. Unfortunately, there are two problems with this scenario. Firstly, you can only grow your fruit and vegetables outside during the summer season and if you’re going to grow fruit trees, you might have 5 to 7 years to wait until your first produce arrives.

Secondly, if you want to extend your organic fruit and vegetables growing to the whole year, you’ll have to purchase a small greenhouse, perhaps by looking in the greenhouses for sale section in your local free newspapers.

Growing In A Greenhouse With A Budget

Growing In A Greenhouse With A Budget

Looking for cheap vegetables to grow

For just the cost of a few seeds, fertiliser and some organic chemicals to keep the bugs away, you can soon be growing a selection of fruit and vegetables in your own garden.

When you’re on a budget, you probably won’t want to pay out good money to plant an apple and a pear tree to provide fruit across the summer and autumn, but you can still grow strawberries, blackberries and raspberries quite easily because the cost of a plant isn’t expensive and if you are consistent with keeping the plants in good condition and covered so birds can’t steal your produce, you can yield quite a good production of your own fruit.

Strawberries in particular, grow quite easily and you will be able to watch Wimbledon on television with your own supply of strawberries at hand, leaving out the expensive double cream because it’s not good for your cholesterol and saving on your budget at the same time.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are favourites to grow in a British garden and although they are often listed in the vegetables section, they are in fact, fruit.

Carrots and courgettes are quite cheap to buy as plants or seeds, and along with simple lettuce, beetroot and broccoli, you can grow sufficient to keep your family in organic vegetables across the summer season.

Extending your growing season

Greenhouses are not particularly expensive, and it’s worth saving up a little more money to buy good quality one as it will last longer and be more cost effective for you over the long term. If you could only find a small greenhouse, perhaps a lean to greenhouse, within your budget, you will still be able to provide a good amount of fruits and vegetables across the whole 12 months of the year for your family.

It can prove difficult to find a good quality greenhouse in the greenhouses for sale section. Some of the very cheapest greenhouses have very thin, easily breakable glass in them. Where possible, you should extend your budget slightly and see if you can choose polycarbonate greenhouses which are more effective than glass at retaining heat during the winter months.

You don’t need a big budget to find cheap vegetables to grow in your garden and in your small greenhouse. With just a little time and effort, you’ll be reducing your supermarket bills considerably and instead of buying chemically raised fruit and vegetables; you can choose your own organically grown produce and move them to your dinner table at your leisure.

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