Frigidaire ATF6000FS King Size Front Loader Washer Review

The Frigidaire ATF6000FS King Size Front Loader is a modern washing machine that is really a state of the art appliance.

If you are looking for something that will get the job done but are under a budget, then perhaps this washer is the one for you.

Product Features

1. 1050 RPM Spin Speed
2. Energy Saver – 179 KWh/year
3. Water Used Per Cycle: 12 – 14 gallons
4. Delay Start Option: 14 Hours
5. Pedastal can be purchased separately for this washer
6. Dimensions: 27” x 36” x 27”

Product Details

1. Item Weight: 148 pounds
2. Shipping Weight: 216 pounds

Final Analysis

The Frigidaire ATF6000FS King Size Front Loader is a great washer for the vast majority of people. It is a mid-sized front load washer, meaning it can fit in the vast majority of laundry rooms made to allow a washing machine and dryer. It is also large enough to handle fairly extensive clothing loads. I was pleased with just about everything on this.

The electronic controls make it feel very modern and up to date (which it is). The clothes come out nice and clean looking as well as smelling which tells me that the drainage system works well. It also runs very quietly, so it can be used overnight using the delay option, or while the baby is taking a nap during the day!

The downside to this is that there have been a couple of people who have complained of durability issues. Some had the washer for only a couple of years when it went out on them. Unfortunately, finding parts for this model of washer is not the cheapest. However, there have been several others with this model of washer and have not heard a word.

Generally if you don’t hear anything, then most people are pretty pleased with their purchases so I wouldn’t let this scare you away from this washer!

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