Do-it-yourself Wall Murals: Make Your Home Envious

If you have got a flair for the artistic and are looking to add a little extra oomph to a certain room in your home, then why not paint a mural? It’s something that will stay in your home as a part of yourself, signifying not only your talent as a painter, but also your success in making a unique home environment. If you are greatly interested in this idea, then take a look at the step by step instructions below to get a good idea of where to start and finish:

Step One – Get all of your materials together. Decide what you want to paint, and then go to the store and stock up with as much paint and primer you will need. Take your time to decide on what kind of paint you will use. View your wall as a giant canvas. Look up what texture you like best, and browse the different kinds of paints available to you. Acrylic and latex paints are some of the most popular for this endeavor.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Step Two – Prepare your room for work. As it would be with any other painting jobs, you are going to want to move things out of the room and lay down tarp to ensure that paint will not stain your floor or furniture. Use tape around borders that you would like to maintain, and use tape around the bottom of the wall to the tarp.

Step Three – If your wall is dirty, then clean it. Painting over dirt can look trashy and gross. When you are done cleaning your wall, you are going to want to coat your walls with primer. If there is a center border in the way of your project, go ahead and remove it before applying the first coat of primer.

Step Four – After your wall is completely white and ready to be painted, start on your masterpiece. Take your time and go over it as you need to for it to be perfectly matched to your envisioned work of art.

Step Five – After your mural is completed, let it dry for a day or two. When it’s completely dry, add varnish to protect it for years to come.

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