DIY Installation – Outdoor Vs. Indoor Tankless Water Heater

If you are searching for the best type of gas tankless water heater to your place, make sure you check a few things first and compare. A lot of these units look alike but there are some differences that could make one unit offer different features and seem to be a better choice for you compared to others that appear very similar.

Knowing about these facts such as your usage of hot water volume before you make a purchase will help ensure that you get the right model to fit your needs.

DIY Instalation - Outdoor Vs. Indoor Tankless Water Heater

There are two types of tankless water heaters and they are the indoor type and the outdoor type. It’s important to know the difference between the two as there’s a big difference between their prices. Outdoor types are easier to install because there’s no need for specialized ventilation as compared to the indoor type so that means that you can find it to be more economical for installation. Because they are installed outdoors you will have to get extra installation for weatherproofing as they are exposed to freezing temperatures and rain. That means that they need to be sealed tightly and well protected as compared to the indoor models.

Weatherproofing may raise the price a bit but still will be a great choice for homes that can’t have indoor models. The indoor models function quite similarly to the conventional water heaters and that means that it would need an access to electricity and to gas supplies as well as for ventilation.

Usually these indoor types are used as replacement to the typical water heaters that are installed in most homes. That means that installation would be quite easy and quick. You can even get kits for this type of water heater installations to easily connect your new unit to your existing home plumbing.

This indoor model can even be installed individually for every room that needs hot water. This would be money saving in the long run as you don’t need to heat a big volume of water that will only be used in one bathroom or kitchen.

Before you make the decision, make sure you read tankless water heater reviews first to make your comparison and to learn more information about different models.

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